Back in 2020, former Blue Cheer guitarist Randy Holden gave his legendary 1970 solo debut Population II a long-awaited remastered reissue via RidingEasy Records. If you're unfamiliar, it's one of the earliest metal records in existence, and it continues to sound great. 40 years later, in 2010, Randy linked up with Cactus member Randy Pratt and drummer Bobby Rondinelli (who has played with Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Rainbow) to record a followup album, Population III, though it was shelved for over a decade, and now that album is coming out on July 1 via RidingEasy (pre-order). "A year ago, in 2021 I listened to the songs and was delightfully surprised," Randy said. "I think it’s the best album I’ve ever done."

We're premiering the single "Swamp Stomp," which is a little less overtly doomy than Population II and more in the '70s hard rock vein. "It felt like a strong rocker, so the lyrics had to reflect that feeling," Randy tells us. "It was fun when the ideas began flowing: TNT, dynamite, alligators, rattlesnakes, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes… did I leave anything out? Ha ha ha." Check it out below.

01. Living End
02. Sands Of Time
03. Land Of The Sun
04. Swamp Stomp
05. Money’s Talkin’
06. Outside Looking In

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