Minneapolis rappers and others involved in the city's scene have responded after a series of allegations were made against Chris Young, aka DJ Fundo, who has DJed for Rhymesayers artist Prof, P.O.S. from Doomtree, and hosted area party nights. Casey Delgado, aka DJ Babyghost, posted on social media about a relationship she says she had with Fundo, beginning when she was 18 and he was in his 30s. She accuses him of "abusing his power," and of "manipulative" and "predatory" behavior.

In the comments, Delgado wrote that other women have reached out to her and told her about their own experiences with Fundo, including these:

"DJ Fundo, is someone I always knew to be a little sleezy. But someone I also thought to be harmless," P.O.S writes in a statement in response:

Fellow Minneapolis artist DJ Minnie Blanco had this to say about P.O.S' statement:

She references tweets from @AnarchyAndi:

Prof also made a statement, writing, "We were aware that Chris had many sexual partners and polyamorous relationships, however we did not know the extent of his abuse towards women."

Delgado meanwhile shared screencaps of tweets she says were deleted from Prof's account:

Doomtree said they'd be holding a "long, hard, honest crew meeting tonight," and that "You’ll hear more from us soon."

Doomtree's Sims also gave his own statement:

As did Doomtree member and Doomtree Records CEO/general manager Lazerbeak:

Doomtree's Mike Mictlan wrote:

@AnarchyAndi responded:

Doomtree members Dessa, Cecil Otter, and Paper Tiger did not release their own statements, but Dessa retweeted Christin Crabtree and the other two retweeted the Doomtree statement.

Minneapolis rapper Astronautalis released a statement as well:

UPDATE: Days after releasing this statement, Astronautalis was accused of abuse by at least three women, which he admitted to in a newer statement.

As did Rhymesayers artist Grieves:

Minneapolis rapper Finding Novyon shared a screencap of post he says was deleted from Fundo's Facebook, where he apologizes for using the N word in a "joke."

Novyon also tweeted this about Doomtree:

Novyon also retweeted DJ Babyghost posting a screenshot of allegation against Rhymesayers artist and recent Atmosphere tourmate deM atlaS:

And Novyon retweeted this:

The tweets in this post are just a sampling of what is out there at the moment, and this last one is just one of many tweets calling for Rhymesayers and Atmosphere (whose two members are Rhymesayers co-owners) to comment, and/or to drop Prof from the label. Rhymesayers has not posted on social media since Monday (6/22) and Atmosphere have not since Tuesday (6/23).

This story may still be developing.

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