Earlier this week, allegations of abuse surfaced against several members of the Minneapolis alternative hip hop scene, beginning with DJ Fundo (who has DJed for P.O.S of Doomtree, Prof, and others) being accused of "abusing his power" and of "manipulative" and "predatory" behavior, and then allegations also began surfacing against both P.O.S and Prof, as well as Prof's Rhymesayers labelmate Dem Atlas.

Rhymesayers issued a statement on the allegations, and dropped both Prof and Dem Atlas from the label. Slug of Atmosphere (one of the label's co-owners) issued a statement of his own.

Doomtree said that they had a "long, hard, honest crew meeting" and that we'd "hear more from [them] soon," and now Doomtree member Dessa has posted a video, responding directly to allegations against P.O.S. She says in part:

The amount of pain that P.O.S has caused people is not commensurate with any unavoidable injuries that we inflict on one another when we are working in good faith. It is not commensurate with the avoidable injuries that we inflict on one another when we are being careless. It is something else.

The name for that thing is best determined by someone who is educated about interpersonal relationships, who has an expertise that I do not have. But the stories that you are reading about P.O.S -- at least some of them are true. Huge, vast, deep oceans of pain built on lies -- deliberate lies -- for years and years.

Dessa also spoke directly to P.O.S (real name Stefon Alexander) in the video:

My men and I are working hard to lead with love. Stef, you are not cancelled. You are broken. Your conduct is abhorrent. And I'd love to see a part of helping you and the many women that you've hurt heal. You are not allowed, Stef, to ruin the good names of the other members of this crew.

[...] Doomtree means something and you operated outside of that compact. And as soon as you can align yourself with the values that this crew holds, I welcome you. But you are not allowed to undermine what we have built. We are going to do our best to practice radical honesty in a way that this community has not. We will be devoting resources to you, Stef, and to the Domestic Abuse Project in this city, so that this is not a conversation that the artists who are 17 years old now, with their first drum machine, are having in 20 years.

Doomtree's Lazerbeak tweeted, "God I’m so so furious and hurt right now about this shit. I’m hurting so hard for the women that have come forward about P.O.S. I’m hurting for the rest of my crew. We are trying to lead with love right now but god it’s fucking hard. Still so much processing and pain right now."

Doomtree's Mike Mictlan shared Dessa's video and wrote, "This is my sister & comrade & i align myself with her sentiments here 1,000%. PLZ WATCH. There will be more to come from us [Doomtree] as a group & individually. We are digging deep & will be transparent & proactive. Thank You."

Mictlan also added, "I want all the love & attention in the world to go to women & other survivors of abuse. Those words like "attention" & "survivors" & "abuse" are NOT enuff. I can't find the language all I can do is LOVE & extend my support THIS IS REALER TO ME THAN WORDS. i will go with action. I am sorry. & embarrassed as a man, a brother, a father, a rapper & a friend. I know I could've done more to protect & I WILL dedicate myself to change & action. I hate "statements" this is not that, it is a start & a living evolving document for accountability. THANK YOU FOR NOW."

Fellow group member Paper Tiger shared Dessa's video and wrote, "I am processing, listening and learning along with Doomtree, and working with them to take action from a place rooted in love for positive change."

P.O.S himself also shared the video, and he wrote, "Dessa posted this because there were women coming forward about my serious mistreatment, lies, cheating, and gaslighting emotional abuse In relationships. I own it here and I will have to own it in every one of my relationships, on and offline."

In a reply, he added, "I’m just trying to show up an acknowledge that She didn’t post that for no reason. I have a lot of accountability conversations to have still. I’m at square one. Listening. I’ll be back when I’ve learned and actually gotten deeper. I’m sorry to disappoint everyone."

Previously, P.O.S had issued a statement responding to the allegations against DJ Fundo, saying, "DJ Fundo is someone I always knew to be a little sleezy. But someone I also thought to be harmless... I was wrong. He's [crossed lines] and caused real, lasting damage. I want to acknowledge and aoplogize for my role in not holding myself or my cis-male people accountable for our roles in perpetuating misogyny and hostility to women in our scene and city."

In that statement, P.O.S had also said that he has been guilty "of lying, cheating, and gaslighting lies to cover it up. That stuff can also cause real and lasting damage." His full statement is here.

You can watch Dessa's video and see more of the group's tweets below.

This story may still be developing.


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