Windhand vocalist Dorthia Cottrell announced her sophomore solo album, Death Folk Country, due out April 21 via Relapse Records (pre-order). "This album to me is about painting a picture of a place where my heart lives,” she says. "The title Death Folk Country is partly me describing a genre that fits the sound – but it's also meant to be taken as a Naming, a coronation of the world inside me. Death Folk Country is the music and also the land where the music takes place, and the two have always been inextricable from each other."

The album, Dorthia's first for Relapse, was inspired in large part by her hometown in rural Virginia. "As I grow older, the things I love and hate about it only become more and more vivid and I often think about how to keep the two worlds apart--how to separate the divine from the evil and if it's even possible," she says. She wrote, played, and produced with album, with co-production by Jon K, and you can check out the artwork and tracklist below.

"Family Annihilator" is the haunting first single. It's enveloping, with Dorthia's eerie alto at the fore over stark acoustic guitar and cymbals. Its lyrics are inspired by a lesson from her grandfather, a farmer: “If a crop is diseased, you have to burn the whole crop. ‘Family Annihilator’ is a result of me wondering if the whole field must burn today, to save the flowers of tomorrow." "Family Annihilator" is accompanied by a dark music video directed by Richard Francis Howard. Watch it below.

Dorthia Cottrell, Death Folk Country

Death Folk Country Tracklisting:
01 - Death Is The Punishment For Love
02 - Harvester
03 - Black Canyon
04 - Family Annihilator
05 - Effigy At The Gate Of Ur
06 - Midnight Boy
07 - Hell In My Water
08 - Take Up Serpents
09 - For Alicia
10 - Eat What I Kill
11 - Death Is Reward For Love

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