Former One Dove frontwoman Dot Allison has announced the Entangled Remix EP, which is out April 28, 2022 via SA Recordings and features songs from last year's Heart-Shaped Scars that have been remixed by Saint Etienne, The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton Newcombe, Lomond Campbell, The Anchoress and the late Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

Dot has shared the Lee 'Scratch' Perry remix of "Love Died in Our Arms," which was apparently the last project he completed before he died last year. “I contacted Lee to ask if he’d consider doing a mix of ‘Love Died In Our Arms’ and got a lovely reply saying ‘yes,’" says Dot. "He later confirmed the parts had arrived and the mix was going well. So I was deeply saddened to hear he’d passed soon after and so soon after we’d been in touch. Naturally I assumed the mix had not been completed and left it at that. So I was stunned two days later to hear, from Lee’s wife, that my song had been 'the last thing in his life that Lee worked on.' As if that wasn’t enough, she responded to my email a day or so later expressing my gratitude and deepest sympathies by sending the finished mix."

"I genuinely cannot put into words what a profound moment and an honour and gift it felt under the circumstances - I was completely blown away," Dot continues. "That my co-producer Fiona Cruickshank was there with me when I first heard it turned this into a really magical moment. I feel a duty to Lee’s own artistry and his fans to release his last remix and I do so with a deep gratitude to Lee, his wife and family for still forwarding me this mix under such sad circumstances, I remain deeply moved and grateful for my music to have been touched by Lee’s musical genius and spirit.”

Perry's remix turns Dot's original on its head and into blissful dubbed-out territory. Listen below.

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