Double Gainer is a new project that came together during the pandemic with current members of Posture & the Grizzly and The Most, and former members of Milkshakes and Tri-State Era, and they're gearing up to release a debut full-length, but first, they're putting out a three-song EP that's cheekily titled B​-​Sides & Rarities. It comes out February 4 via Refresh Records, with a cassette release via Chillwavve Records, and we're now premiering lead single "Maybe Someday?". It's a scrappy yet anthemic song that kinda sounds like a cross between Latterman-style pop punk and early 2010s emo revival. It's cool stuff and you can hear it below.

Here's more background on Double Gainer, from founding member Rak:

This EP came together after wrapping on our upcoming LP. Double Gainer started as a solo project and formed into a full band lineup with my closest friends during recording sessions of the LP. After playing a few shows together, I really wanted to collaborate more with everyone. I had a couple songs I was sitting on for future releases, but after we signed with Refresh Records we decided to make them into an EP. The two full band songs ‘Maybe Someday’ and ‘Spun Out’ came together from late night demo’s at Ronnie’s house (aka Deadman’s Blade Studio) and stuck in our heads after writing the hooks. The third song is an acoustic version of a full band song on our LP called ‘Fine. Go.’. We figured if we were gonna release songs backwards why not do an acoustic version of a song that hasn't been released yet. All three songs follow a common theme of loss and moving on, which I think a lot of people can relate to and have had to do over these last couple years. I hope you enjoy.

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