Doves recently returned with terrific new single "Carousel," and for those hoping there'd be more, they've just announced The Universal Want, the UK band's first album in 11 years. "It’s definitely got the stamp of ‘the time’ all over it," says guitarist Jez Williams. "Everything on the album is an echo. It’s an echo of what we were going through at the time. Getting back together, the Royal Albert Hall and everything else."

The band have also released a new single, "Prisoners" which, like "Carousel," finds them in fine form, picking right up -- and maybe sounding better than -- where they left off. It's got all the Doves earmarks: a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, soaring melodies, widescreen sweep and just a little Northern Soul. Says drummer (and Jez's brother) Andy Williams, "It’s about continually chasing something and not being satisfied when you eventually get it. You’ve got ‘that thing’ and you find you’re not any happier. Be careful what you wish for." Unless you were wishing for a good new Doves song. Listen below.

The Universal Want is out September 11. Check out cover art and tracklist below.

doves the universal want album art

The Universal Want tracklist:
I Will Not Hide
Broken Eyes
For Tomorrow
Cathedrals Of The Mind
Cycle Of Hurt
Mother Silver Lake
Universal Want
Forest House

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