Manchester band Doves are back in action and have just released their first new single in 11 years. "Carousels" is instantly recognizable as a Doves song: anthemic, soulful, just a little funky, spiralling out from a sample of the late, great Tony Allen. The band call it "a reminiscence of times we'd go to places like North Wales on holiday as kids. Places where you had your first experience of sound systems and music being played really loud."

Jimi Goodwin talked to NME about the song and the album -- Doves' long-awaited fifth -- that it will be part of. "It’s a good harbinger of the album and just a great mission statement. Without having any agenda or a backstory as to what the record is, it just shows off our love of sonic weirdness, atmosphere and energy. We unanimously knew that this would be great as the first thing that people hear of us coming out of the gate after all this time. It’s a mission statement.”

The video for "Carousels," made by Yoni Weisberg, matches the song's soaring vibe with images of cityscapes transforming, deconstructing, and in flight. Watch that below.

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