Music usually gets revived in 20-year cycles, so it's no surprise that early 2000s melodic post-hardcore is making a comeback. One of the new bands doing a lot of justice to that style of music is Bay Area trio Down Again. The band cites bands like Thrice, Underoath, and Brand New as influences, and if you like the music those bands were making 15-20 years ago, you're probably gonna like Down Again's upcoming debut album The Devil is a Gentlemen too. It drops June 12, but we're premiering another taste of it right now, "The Devil On Your Shoulder."

"'The Devil On Your Shoulder' is the first song we ever wrote as a band, and at that point we had no idea what type of band we even wanted to be," vocalist Lenny Costa tells us. "This song truly sets the tone for our entire album, with a Jekyll and Hyde act that lulls you during the verses and hits like a car crash when the band opens up. The song originally didn’t include any screaming, but as our vision for Down Again developed more in a post-hardcore direction, we went back and re-wrote the song to incorporate the heavier aspects of our sound."

"The song is really a story," Lenny continues. "It’s about this idea of a man who is a split second away from making a life altering decision. The first half of the song is written from the perspective of the 'Devil' on his shoulder, urging him to give in to his primal desires. Next comes the perspective of the 'Angel,' pleading fatefully that it’s not too late to take the high road. The song is about letting go in these moments and giving into the devilish desires, no matter what the cost may be later."


Down Again

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