Bay Area post-hardcore band Down Again recently released their new EP Bury The Bones, and now they've put out a new version of its song "The Fire" featuring new guest vocals by Brendan Murphy of Counterparts and END. "From the very beginning we pictured having Brendan Murphy feature on the song, so when that came together and worked out we were ecstatic," vocalist/guitarist Lenny Costa tells us. "Counterparts has been one of our favorite bands for so long, it means a lot to us that this collaboration happened."

We're premiering the video for the song, which was made with Tyler Dugoni and Rzarekt. It features the band performing in a room, embellished with all kinds of fire effects. Lenny adds, "It was the first time we have worked with any type of 3-D effects on a video and it brought such an awesome element to the visuals. It has such a different feeling from any of our past videos and we think it really does a good job of elevating the music." The video also features Darian Tiner, who sings guest vocals on the bridge.

Check it out below...


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