LA punk vets Down By Law digitally self-released a new live-in-studio album, Quick Hits: Live In Studio, this past summer, and now they're giving it a more proper release this Friday (10/4) via Kung Fu Records, including a limited edition orange vinyl version (pre-order). It includes songs from all over the the band's career, and it also includes "Values Here" and "Circles" from singer Dave Smalley's classic band Dag Nasty, and DBL's cover of The Proclaimers' "500 Miles." "We tried to strike a balance between the songs that are considered our hits and songs that maybe got passed over in our catalog," longtime guitarist Sam Williams says. "For instance, ‘DC Guns’ is an incredibly obscure song that’s hard to find, and if you do find it, it’s not well recorded." He also adds:

This album achieves a lot of purposes for us and our fans. It is basically a very well recorded live album, which DBL has never done. It documents the evolution that a lot of these songs have undergone from playing them live for the last couple decades. And it brings light to some songs that, for various reasons, may have slipped under the radar a bit. In our humble attempt to carry on the great tradition John Peel started with his live in studio recordings, I wouldn’t be surprised if we did more things like this in the future.

As Sam himself puts it, it's basically a very well recorded live album, and it really proves how tight this band sounds when they just plug in and play. While you wait for Friday's release, you can listen to a stream of the whole thing, and check out a pic of that limited edition orange vinyl, below.