German crust-punk-turned-post-black-metal band Downfall of Gaia have announced that they'll follow 2019's Ethic of Radical Finitude with a new album, Silhouettes Of Disgust, on March 17 via Metal Blade. Speaking about it, vocalist/guitarist Dominik Goncalves dos Reis says, "With this record we wanted to return to our roots and the earlier days, but without taking a step back. We wanted to incorporate both worlds into our new album, where we came from - the DIY/crust punk scene - and the direction things have taken over the past few years, organically growing from release to release." You can get a taste of that from the album's intense lead single "Bodies As Driftwood," streaming below.

1. Existence of Awe
2. The Whir of Flies
3. While Bloodsprings Become Rivers
4. Bodies As Driftwood
5. Eyes to Burning Skies
6. Final Vows
7. Unredeemable
8. Optograms of Disgust

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