You may recognize Danny Ayala as The Lemon Twigs' invaluable keyboardist (and harmony vocalist). He makes music on his own, too, as Dr. Danny -- a brand of psychedelic sunshine pop that's not too dissimilar to the Twigs. His debut EP, Lay it on Me Straight, will be out soon and we've got the premiere of the video for "Nothing But Love." It's a high concept piece as Danny tells us:

Young Danny Ayala is in the forest with the girl of his dreams. All is well until these two lovebirds are ambushed by a group of spooky monsters, and Danny's world as he knows it is suddenly turned upside down. In a vengeful stupor he returns to the woodlands seeking confrontation with the monsters. Watch as his quest for revenge becomes an arborous wingding when the creatures and Danny are brought together through music... this time with something more sinister in mind.

Watch that video below.

On a short break from The Lemon Twigs' very busy tour schedule, Dr Danny will play a NYC show at Pianos on June 20. The show also features Lemon Twigs singer/guitarist/drummer Michael D'Addario playing "a buncha covers with some friends" as The Michael D'Addario Trio. Tickets for that show are on sale now.