Sick dog

The Dr. Dog show at Sound Fix tonight is cancelled and the shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg and Bowery Ballroom have been rescheduled for August. Refunds available at point of purchase or you can use your tickets on the new date. Music Hall is now August 26th. Bowery is August 27th. Toby lost his voice. A letter from the band below...


Hey Folks
There's no way to say this and make it sound good. We have to reschedule the two NYC shows cause Toby is still not able to sing. He is getting better very quickly but there are pieces of voice that just aren't there yet.. like they don't make any sound... it's weird. This is really shitty on all kinds of levels not the least of which is that there are some people that have been planning on coming to these shows for months... including us.

We came up to New York today to meet with a vocal coach in the hopes that she could help Toby get back up to speed but it just did not go the way we hoped it would go. This is a really hard decision to make because any way we look at it it feels like we're letting people down. That said, a Dr Dog show without Toby singing is not a Dr Dog show.

We're really sorry this is happening and we know we're putting a lot of people out. The rescheduled dates are below and we hope you can come. If you cannot, the price of your tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase. If you can make the shows just bring your tickets and if you have Will Call tickets they will be available at the door as usual.

Music Hall of Williamsburg is being moved to August 26th
Bowery Ballroom is being moved to August 27th

The instore scheduled for today at Soundfix has been canceled.

In others news.. Fate came out today and while we wish we were able to celebrate we're still really excited for people to hear it. We can't wait to start playing this stuff live.. just have to wait a few more days I guess.

See you soon


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