Sinkane and Dr. Dog's Eric Slick (who's also of Lithuania and other projects) are wrapping up their tour together in Nashville tonight (5/3). To celebrate the tour, Eric Slick has recorded a cover of "Passenger" off Sinkane's great new album Life & Livin' It. Eric gives it a more lo-fi, fuzzy take, but keeps it as funky as the original. It's cool stuff -- listen to it, alongside the original, below.

There was no NYC show on the Sinkane/Eric Slick tour, but Sinkane plays Brooklyn's Afropunk, DJs the Amadou & Mariam/Innov Gnawa free Celebrate Brooklyn! show, and plays Upstate NY's Mountain Jam. Eric plays a Brooklyn show on May 20 at Sunnyvale with Monster Rally and Domino Kirke (tickets).

We also recently interviewed Sinkane.