Last year, Draagyn stirred up buzz for her debut single "Majesty," an eight minute epic that mixed dark folk, ethereal goth, doom metal, black metal, and an operatic side without ever sounding like it was trying to do too much at once. It's no surprise that the song caught on, and if you were hoping that Draagyn has more up her sleeve like "Majesty," you're in luck.

We're now premiering her second single, the six-minute "A Night Between Two Days." It's made up as a lot of the same ingredients as "Majesty" but it swirls those ingredients together in different ways, and this one adds in more of a progressive rock element, which Draagyn also excels at. It was made with drummer Jon Rice (Uncle Acid, Job For A Cowboy, Umbra Vitae) and bassist Corey McCormick (Promise of the Real), and here's what Draagyn says about it: "Have you cross-examined the plenteous bleeding between biology and divinity? I invite you to do so."

The new single gets its official release on Friday (7/17) backed by the b-side "Venom" (update: "Venom" is actually coming "in the near future"), but you can stream it here and watch the accompanying video teaser right now:

You can listen to previous single "Majesty" as well:


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