Nashom Wooden, who was also known as drag performer Mona Foot, has died at age 50 after a short illness that he thought, but has not been confirmed, was COVID-19. A legendary downtown NYC personality, Wooden worked at Patricia Field's boutique, bartended at East Village gay dive bar The Cock, was a popular drag performer whose Wonder Woman act was iconic to those who have been to Wigstock, and was also one third of The Ones, who scored a club/UK hit with "Flawless," the 2001 song inspired by the 1999 Philip Seymour Hoffman/Robert De Niro film Flawless (in which he also had a role). You might also know the modified version of that song later put out by George Michael.

Three weeks ago, Mr. Wooden was in peak physical shape, working out with friends in Chelsea. A week and a half ago, he was holed up at home in the East Village with what seemed to be a strange flu.

Some days it was worse, others better.

In text messages to David Dalrymple, a costume designer who made many of Mona’s outfits, Mr. Wooden expressed confusion about what was going on. “He told me he wasn’t having trouble breathing, but I’m guessing he just didn’t want to worry me,” Mr. Dalrymple said, adding that no one in their circle of friends heard that he sought testing or care.

On Thursday, he told Mr. Dalrymple he was about to start watching “Westworld.”

“He seemed to think he was improving,” Mr. Dalrymple said.

But Saturday rolled around and he fell out of touch. Friends simply couldn’t reach him.

On Monday morning, Mr. Dalrymple became concerned enough to go over to his apartment. Using a spare key, he opened the door and found his collaborator inside, dead.

Rest in peace, Nashom. Read/watch tributes from Michael Musto, Casey Spooner, Project Runway designer Geoffrey Mac, and others.

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