Santa Cruz thrashy hardcore band Drain -- who are currently on a tour of Europe with Madball, H2O & Madball/H2O pop punk supergrpoup Hazen St -- have shared "FTS (KYS)," the third single from their upcoming Epitaph debut Living Proof, and the music video version opens with "Intermission," the album's rapped interlude track by Oakland rapper Shakewell, formerly of the hardcore band Betrayal. "FTS (KYS)" is a rager and another great taste of this album, and here's what vocalist Sammy Ciaramitaro says about the lyrics:

Read the lyrics to this song before you make an assumption on what it’s about. This song and this band are all about bettering yourself and the world around you. Sometimes it takes drastic measures to be the person you want to be and I hope this song can give someone the push they might be needing to make that jump.

I didn’t become straight edge until I was 22, which is a lot later than most of my peers, and I had always wanted to write a song about my journey to sobriety from my standpoint as someone who did in fact indulge in a lifestyle of excess. I know that if I was in that situation, there has to be others that are just like me and I really wanted to write something for those kids.

We had a lot of fun writing this song because we got to experiment with different song structures, wild drum and riffing patterns, and we got to go full “crazy train” with the percussion instruments!

The Riley Lattanza-directed clip for "FTS (KYS)" (starring Mutually Assured Destruction's Ace Stallings as the assassin) also continues Drain's trend of entertaining music videos. Check that out and read the song's lyrics below.

Living Proof comes out 5/5 via Epitaph. Our exclusive "opaque poison dart frog green" vinyl variant is sold out, but you can pick it up on opaque purple or standard black vinyl.

"FTS (KYS)" Lyrics
I’ve killed off the parts of me
that prove to be weak
Unable to cope
with this world
and the terrors of life
that keep me awake
through the night

I’d poison myself
like a sport; competitively
The last man standing’s the loser
and the first one down,
is the first one
to find the escape
And I never lose

I grew tired of running,
hiding, and lying
And searching for solutions
to my problems at the bottom
of the fuckin bottle

Find the strength
and kill yourself
Reinvent the new you
Find the strength
and kill all the parts
that you don’t love

Drain -- 2023 North American Tour Dates
03.25 – Punk in the Park – Ventura, CA – Ventura County Fairgrounds
06.23-24 – Tied Down Fest – Detroit, MI – Russell Industrial Center

And that current European tour:

Madball, H2O, Drain European tour poster

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