Dre of veteran rap production duo Cool & Dre (who have worked with Fat Joe, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, and many others) dropped a new police brutality protest song, "Captured On An iPhone."

"I can remember being a young kid and and my pop playing N.W.A, Ice Cube and Public Enemy in the house," Dre told HipHopDX. "And I was just like [to Fat Joe], ‘Bro, there’s supposed to be some great music happening right now. Like, what the fuck?’ It was different in the ’90s and Joe is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to that — he’s telling the story. So I’m like, ‘I’m going to start making some records and sending them out.’"

"We’ve been quarantined for the past three months, so Cool and I have been making beats like we’re 16 again," he continues. "The older you get, the more responsibilities you have, but almost 20 years ago, I would be making beats for 13 hours a day. Since I’ve been stuck in my house, that’s what I’ve been doing."

"So I went to the studio saying, ‘You know what? I’m going to cook some shit up, put a couple hooks down on some records and send it out to some other people that we collaborate with.’ This was the first one I started. I did the hook, started recording it and the words just kept coming, and coming, and coming. I was like, ‘Fuck, this is the whole song.'"

He adds, "I just hope that when people hear it, it moves them and makes them reflect on everything that’s going on. Hopefully, it’s also a force of positivity. Music is like medicine; it’s healing. I hope it inspires the artists to get a boost and create some music to talk about what’s going on."

The song comes with a video featuring footage of protests and police brutality, which you can watch here:


For ways to help fight racism and police brutality, we put together a a list of resources.