Cathedral Bells is one of the latest projects of Matt Messore, who was an early member of You Blew It! and was later in Dear Tracks and Houseplants. It began as a solo bedroom dream pop project but has since transformed into a full band with Aaron Gollubier (Rareflowers, PYNKIE) on drums and Kyle Hoffer (Kinder Than Wolves) on bass/synth, and the rhythm section helps rev up Matt's sound. It's still in the hazy dream pop realm, but with a harder-hitting, shoegazier edge at times too. You can hear the fruits of their labor on their new album Ether, which comes out Friday (1/29) via Spirit Goth Records, and premieres in full in this post.

We also caught up with Matt to ask him about the music that influenced this album, and he made us a list of songs by Interpol, David Bowie, Ruby Haunt, and more. Read on for what he had to say about each one...


Bored Nothing - "Let Down"

I chose this song from the project Bored Nothing because of its lo-fi production & the upbeat tempo. This song was a heavy influence for patching tones and moods for the record. I love the vocal dynamic as the song builds with its guitar layers.

Ruby Haunt - "Destroyer"

This track by Ruby Haunt was a big influence when writing / recording. I really enjoy the minor chord progression and guitar leads complimenting the track throughout. How the drums cutout at the end is perfect.

David Bowie - "Changes"

This song is one of my all time favorite tracks, and it’s also pretty well known out of Bowie’s catalog. It always inspired me when going through new ideas. A very diverse sequence and the chorus is just timeless.

Interpol - "untitled"

The driving bass groove and ambience of the guitar delays on this track really captured my attention and has been an influential song over the years, especially for our new album. The dynamics to this track gave some creative sparks when demoing.

Doorbells - "distance"

A dream pop gem that influenced me with melodies, tones, and production. I like the amount of effects and usage of reverb on the mix. The jangly guitar work on the verses and chorus parts are beautiful. The guitar layers go parallel with the vocal melodies.


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