Dream Unending is the new collaborative project of two great modern death metal musicians, Tomb Mold's Derrick Vella and Innumerable Forms' Justin DeTore, and they pull influence from Peaceville 3-esque death-doom, as well as prog, psych, post-rock, and more. Their debut LP Tide Turns Eternal was co-engineered, co-mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk (alongside co-engineer Sean Pearson and co-mixer John Powers), and it arrives November 19 via 20 Buck Spin. First single "In Cipher I Weep" is an eight-minute track that's heavy and monstrous but also kind of beautiful. Listen below.

1. Entrance
2. Adorned In Lies
3. In Cipher I Weep
4. The Needful
5. Dream Unending
6. Forgotten Farewell
7. Tide Turns Eternal

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