Brooklyn experimental duo LEYA released their new album Flood Dream (on NNA Tapes) and a collaborative song with Liturgy (who they were supposed to tour with) this year, and now Drew McDowall (formerly of Coil, Psychic TV, and others) has remixed "First Way" off Flood Dream. Drew's remix is nearly double the length of the original, and he turns it into something much more eerie and atmospheric.

"In approaching this mix I didn’t want to lose sight of the sublime beauty of the song," Drew tells us. "The individual components of the piece, the harp, the voice, the strings seemed like strange entities from a dream calling out to me. I wanted to go on a journey with those beings and see where we landed. With that in my mind I used only the existing elements of the song, manipulating, mutating and transforming in an attempt to document the hallucinatory communion between us."

The song hits streaming services at midnight (pre-save), but we're premiering a stream of it right here:

Stream Flood Dream to compare the remix to the original:

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