Kyle MacLachlan is at his highest profile since the '90s thanks to Twin Peaks: The Return where he is back playing Special Agent Dale Cooper (aka Mr. Jackpots). In addition to acting one of MacLachlan's other passions is wine, and he's got his own winery called Blushing Bear. He'll be in NYC on Friday to talk about and pour wine at Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit (5 West 19th St) from 5 - 8 PM. Specifically he'll be pouring a selection of Washington State rosés, including his very own Blushing Bear Rosé. It's free to attend to those 21 years and older, with no RSVP required. More info is here. If you greet Kyle with a "Hell-OOOOOOO-ooo!" you probably won't be the first.

Twin Peaks: The Return airs Sunday nights at 9 PM on Showtime for most of the summer, and we're keeping track of the new series' music.


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