As recently mentioned, South Korean punks Drinking Boys and Girls Choir are touring with Japanese punks Otoboke Beaver and South Korean indie rockers Say Sue Me in the UK and also playing the Damnably Records SXSW showcase with them. Ahead of the tour, we're premiering their new song "Red Shift" off their upcoming album Keep Drinking, which comes out March 8 via Damnably (pre-order). The band cite stuff like NOFX as influences, and you can hear that California skate punk coming through in their sound, but they've also got wonderfully twee-ish male/female harmonies that recall classic indie pop. It's a cool mix, and "Red Shift" does it really well. Drummer MJ gave us some background info on the song:

The song "Red Shift" actually has an earilier version that we recorded for Club Heavy's 20 anniversary compilation album which is the oldest live music venue in Daegu city and it is way longer than the album version. (Daegu has only a few clubs but a population of 1.5M).

There are a couple of reasons that it is a long song and unlike our punk rock songs.
When we were making "Red Shift", we wanted to express the universe's vast expanse so we attached long playing part without human voices.
There was selfish reasons too-our songs are mostly just 1~2minuntes long, and we didn't want to be too small part of the compliation album that has a bunch of songs.
We just wanted to be cool and awesome part of it. and maybe we made it.(and MJ our drummer, personally she always have been craved to make a loooong song too.)
The last reason is, by chance, we noticed some sound after recording at the every end of the song. It was a noise from guitar sounds like universe contact (very similar to the blip in the movie 'Contact'). MJ really wanted to save it. so the song became longer about a few seconds too. It was due to an accident happened, with the pushing and pulling of the guitar the cable. Bondu played the guitar in messy way and Meena grabbed the cable under the table. The resulting sound was a bit of both of them.

The early version (You can listen and purchase via Bandcamp) latter part has more dynamic of rhythm and quite calm to release the emotion, but the album version, we wanted express the universe's sound with gallopping rhythm and dynamic plays.

When we were recording the album, we had made a varity of demo recordings so had it planned quite firmly, so we didn't find it so difficult to record.

Listen to the new song below.

Drinking Boys and Girls Choir -- 2019 Tour Dates
Mar 11-17 SXSW 2019 Austin, TX
Mar 13 Valhalla (Damnably SXSW showcase) Austin, TX (12 AM)
Mar 14 Lucille (The AU Review/Hello Asia SXSW showcase) Austin, TX (12 AM)
Apr 29 Manchester, Deaf Institute
Apr 30 Leicester, Musician
May 01 Bristol, Fleece
May 02 London, Scala
May 03 Leeds, Brudenell
May 04 Glasgow , CCA

all UK dates with Otoboke Beaver, Say Sue Me