Providence hardcore/powerviolence vets Dropdead have been working on their first album since their 1998 sophomore LP for a while, and they actually released demos from the sessions last year to help raise money after their van was stolen, and now the album has officially been announced. Like their first two albums, it's self-titled, and it comes out September 25 via Armageddon Label (pre-orders launch on 9/1). It was recorded by Kurt Ballou of Converge and Zach Weeks, and mastered by Brad Boatright.

Today brings new single "Flesh and Blood," which rips as hard as you'd hope and expect from Dropdead. "Endless wars, endless strife," vocalist Bob Otis told Revolver. "A perpetual warfare state that feeds the military system with flesh and blood. A new enemy, a new face to hate. We are programmed to distrust through propaganda and manipulative media."

He continues, "Force-fed xenophobia, racism and nationalism over endless news cycles. We are taught to fight against each other, embrace prejudices, and be the fodder in a class war. All the while the rich eat up the world like a vicious cancer, as the war machine keeps grinding, and whole nations fall to the bloodlust of unrestrained capitalism."

"Flesh and Blood" follows the recently-released, likeminded ripper "Prelude/Torches," and both songs come with well-matched, black-and-white videos. Watch/listen below...

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