Last year, Drug Church released the great single "Bliss Out," an unreleased song from the sessions for 2018's Cheer, and today they've confirmed the news that a fourth full-length is coming soon. But first, they'll release the Tawny EP, which a press release says "acts as a bridge" between Cheer and the upcoming LP. The four-song EP includes "Bliis Out," a cover of "Remember To Forget" by '90s-era Tough & Go vets Arcwelder, and two new songs: "Tawny" and "Head-Off." "Tawny" has just been released, and it's exactly the kind of gritty, anthemic punk rager that this band has always done so well. It's getting us excited for LP4; listen below.

Speaking about the Arcwelder cover, frontman Patrick Kindlon says, "You don't need to be the world's best band to write a perfect song. Arcwelder are guys who like playing guitar music. They had some small success at it. Still, this song has been in my head for a long time. And that's a type of success that doesn't get measured. We're all gonna be erased when the sun expands. Chasing fame makes you dumber than you are."

Tawny drops June 25 via Pure Noise (pre-order).

Drug Church

1. Head-Off
2. Tawny
3. Bliss Out
4. Remember To Forget

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