Leading up to their forthcoming debut album, The world within our bedrooms (due June 25 via Fiction Records), Hampshire, England dream-pop trio Drug Store Romeos have released another spine-chilling single called "Secret Plan."

Pinned somewhere between bedroom pop and shoegaze (and calling on the styles of bands such as Stereolab and Broadcast, among others), the single paints an ethereal vision of adolescence, of secrets between best friends and late night conversations concealed beneath the sheet-roof of a makeshift pillow fort. Vocalist Sarah Downie's soft-spoken delivery is utterly enchanting throughout, joined by laid-back, twinkling keys and the hum of a steady bassline, making it a listen that's bound to pull you in and cradle you to sleep if you let it.

As described by the band, the track was written during the first wave of lockdown over in England, mostly constructed during the hours between 2 and 7 AM. "I wanted to make a purple song, so I turned off all lights apart from my colour changing bulb which I made a magenta purple. It was pitch black outside so I was totally immersed. The light guided me in the choice of tonality, and my situation and setting must have influenced the rhythm and notes. I think it turned out pretty purple.”

Continuing on its thematic basis, they said: “‘Secret Plan’ was partly inspired by the surrealist quote 'bathed everyday reality in magic light,' and we wanted it to feel personal yet transportative. In my own life, I try as hard as I can to see the magic in mundanity. Although it sounds cheesy, making the effort to remind yourself of the chaotic, absurd, beautiful layers of life can really help to keep things interesting”

Holistically, the band describes their upcoming debut album as "a journey of emotions and colour schemes," in which they "reflect the ever-changing nature of someone's mental state over a period of time." You can listen to "Secret Place" and their previously released single ("What's On Your Mind"), and check out the album's full tracklisting and cover art, below. Pre-order the record here.

The world within our bedrooms - Drug Store Romeos


1. Building Song
2. Secret Plan
3. Bow Wow
4. Elevator
5. Walking Talking Marathon
6. Frame Of Reference
7. Feedback Loop
8. What’s On Your Mind
9. No Placing
10. Vibrate
11. Electric Silence
12. Kites
13. Put Me On The Finish Line
14. Cycle Of Life
15. Adult Glamour

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