UK band Dry Cleaning have announced their anticipated debut album New Long Leg which will be out April 2 via 4AD. "The title is ambiguous," says singer Florence Shaw. "A new long leg could be an expensive present or a growth or a table repair.” The band made the album over two weeks in June at Wales' Rockfield Studios with producer John Parish, who encouraged them to expand their spiky, angular sound in new directions. “It’s not just sheer pent-up energy all the time in the way that the first two EPs were,” Shaw says. “I feel more confident with leaving gaps.”

The album includes "Scratchcard Lanyard," and the new single is "Strong Feelings" which features Shaw's cool, dry, observational style over a laid back groove. You can watch the video, directed by guitarist Tom Dowse, below.

Meanwhile we've also got a stray Best of 2020 list from bassist Lewis Maynard that we didn't post yet. It's his Top 10 Foods of 2020, and includes bandmate Nick Buxton's own pesto recipe, and a few Brooklyn spots from when the band's 2020 tour around SXSW never made it past NYC thanks to the pandemic. Check out his list, complete with commentary/recipes, below.

dry cleaning New Long Leg Album Art

New Long Leg tracklist
1. Scratchcard Lanyard
2. Unsmart Lady
3. Strong Feelings
4. Leafy
5. Her Hippo
6. New Long Leg
7. John Wick
8. More Big Birds
9. A.L.C
10. Every Day Carry

Dry Cleaning Bassist Lewis Maynard's Top Ten Food of 2020 (in no particular order):

Packet Ramen and Peanut Butter
Packet ramen shows us at our most creative, we also go through a lot of peanut butter, so this combination felt pretty natural. We are not saying it's better than a slow cooked tonkotsu but it's the closest you will get within 4 minutes. Tip: add the crispy onions.

Nick’s Pesto
Pistachios, parsley, parmesan, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil. Goes on pasta, pizza, in your sandwich. Very delicious.

Archie’s Bar & Pizza Bushwick
Earlier this year, just as covid19 was beginning to ruin everyone's lives we played our first US dates. We arrived in New York late one evening and headed straight to this place. We were buzzing. This place serves great pizza, great beer, has a huge hot sauce collection and will put up with 5 Brits constantly asking about their tipping system.

Pancakes at Tina’s Place Bushwick
The next morning we went to Tina’s, and then again the next morning and every morning until we left New York. We got everything, including the t-shirts. Hands down the best pancakes around.

Tebay Sunday Roast
Tebay is more than just a service station. Any musician who has toured the UK knows and loves it. In a perfect world you want to stop at the Northbound site on a sunday and get a roast. If not, get a pie and look at the ducks for a few minutes, hold on to this moment, you will need this memory soon.

Cinnamon Crunch
By the time we arrived in LA COVID19 was really starting to ruin all of our fun. Dates were being cancelled by the minute it rained constantly. Stuck in our airbnb, Cinnamon crunch provided a little bit of sunshine at breakfast, lunch or dinner time. You can buy it in the UK but it's missing some of the crucial E numbers and sugar content.

Crispy Onions
In August this year we went to Rockfield studios and recorded our debut album. While there we had to cater for ourselves and the crew. Now and again there was a little free time to whip together a proper meal but on other days when time was tight we found adding crispy onions to anything (absolutely anything) will make it better.

Tom’s Fish Tacos
We were very lucky whilst recording that we had some amazing hot weather. One evening Tom made these fish tacos, which were perfect. We ate outside as the sun went down. There were all these sides, extras and loads of toppings. Great memories of this meal!

Biscoff Ice Creams
While at Rockfield these became a staple item. Bread, milk, eggs, Biscoff ice creams. There are so many great images of musicians recording at Rockfield and in most of these someone will have a cigarette dangling out of their mouth. In our photos, at least one person always has a biscoff ice cream.

Lewis’s Pulled Pork
Slowing cooking meat is always great, especially when you are busy playing table tennis in the studio all day. Pork shoulder, salt, dark muscovado sugar, paprika and time is the perfect foundation for pulled pork. From there you can add whatever you want, Mulled wine spiced pulled pork? Yes we invented that. Merry Christmas

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