Rough Trade celebrated their Album of the Year lists, and their top album honoree, Dry Cleaning's New Long Leg (order on vinyl), with a show at The Rainbow Room on Thursday night (11/18). The very fancy space, which usually hosts cabaret acts like Michael Feinstein or Patti LuPone and not UK post-punk bands, is right around the corner from Rough Trade's new digs at Rockefeller Center -- up sixty-five or so floors -- festooned with chandeliers, and with stunning views of Manhattan from the crystal-decorated windows. You had to buy a Rough Trade exclusive 12” vinyl to attend, and after a DJ set from Bodega and an opening set from The Muckers, Dry Cleaning took the stage, vocalist Florence Shaw joking that they could've been given a nicer place to play.

Shaw's dry, sardonic delivery serves as a foil to the twin engines of guitarist Tom Dowse and bassist Lewis Maynard, attacking their instruments on either side of her. Bill pointed out last year that they and drummer Nick Buxton could be mistaken for a metal band, which is definitely still the case. They played most of New Long Leg, along with a couple of songs from their 2019 Sweet Princess EP, and left the crowd wanting more.

See pictures from Thursday night's show, along with the setlist and a few fan-taken video clips, below.

Dry Cleaning stay in NYC to play two sold out Market Hotel shows, and they're also playing The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight (11/19). They'll be back in 2022 for more touring, too, including another NYC show at Webster Hall on May 18.

Order New Long Leg on vinyl in the BV store.

Setlist: Dry Cleaning @ The Rainbow Room, 11/18/2021
Unsmart Lady
Strong Feelings
Her Hippo
New Long Leg
More Big Birds
Magic of Meghan
Scratchcard Lanyard

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