Montreal's Duchess Says wrapped up their U.S. tour in NYC with two very fun, very different, shows. As I've said, singer Annie-Claude Deschenes doesn't really allow for passive viewing, and Friday night's show at Shea Stadium (10/14) was a crowd that was ready to go bonkers. She rode on one fan's shoulders, draped white plastic tarps over the crowd and sung underneath, got folks to take the stage while she sang from the floor and generally whipped things into a frenzy, as the band cranked out some killer synthpunk. (While Annie-Claude is clearly the focal point, Duchess Says are a pretty killer band and new album Sciences Nouvelles is their best yet.) Shea was an all-around great lineup, with tourmates Future Punx, Operator Music Band and Peeling on the bill as well. Pictures from the whole night are in the gallery above.

Then Saturday night (10/15), Duchess Says played Elvis Guesthouse, a tiny space where Annie Claude and her keyboards were in the "blue" room and the band played on the dancefloor. Mind you, she didn't stay in there for long. There were quite a few random people there who didn't seem to realize there was going to be live music, let alone this, who comically got pulled into the fray. A couple instagrams from Elvis Guesthouse (and a few videos from Shea) are below.

photos by Amanda Hatfield