The Senate race between incumbent Republican Ted Cruz and headline-stealing former punk rocker Democratic candidate Beto O'Rourke is heating up in Texas as election day draws nearer, and it's bringing out the worst in some people - and the best in others. In a video shared by Daily Caller contributor Kyle Morris, a long hair, mustache, and leather jacket-wielding man rips Ted Cruz signs out of the ground. As you can watch below, the videographer threatens him by telling him that he's doing something illegal and destroying the property of a gun owner. The guy points out that he's a gun owner, too. After ripping up the signs but still being followed by the concerned citizen filming him, the dude turns around and yells "I HATE TED CRUZ" in what could pass as a pretty sick black metal shriek. Forget auto-tuning news clips and putting them over trap beats; someone’s gotta loop this guy over a Mayhem instrumental.

People on Twitter (mostly conservatives who think this guy is proof that those on the left are crazy) have accused him of "turning into Chucky from Child's Play," and being a "Charles Manson clone," but we think the reaction of this still-unidentified guy is just incredibly metal. Watch: