The Story So Far are a band from California who are named after a New Found Glory song. They make the kind of shitty, bro-y pop punk that you'd expect a band named after NFG to make. Unsurprisingly, they also seem to have no qualms bringing unnecessarily macho behavior to their live shows.

At their show at Toronto's Mod Club on Sunday, a young woman stood on their stage for an extended period of time taking a selfie. No one should ever do that, but it's also no excuse for the band's singer to jump and kick her in their back, sending her into the crowd without warning. And that's exactly what TSSF frontbro Parker Cannon did:

The second worst part about the video is that after he kicks her, the crowd cheers. There isn't any word yet on who the girl is and if she's okay (hopefully!), but we'll update if we hear anything.

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