Photo: Andy Martin[/caption]

Maximo Park guitarist Duncan Lloyd will be back with his third solo album, Outside Notion, on June 7 via Afternoon In Bed Records. As with 2017's I O U O M E, Lloyd's own work is a little more introspective, and on this album he cites the orchestral sounds of Scott Walk and Eric Matthews as influences. "On this album things have taken a little more time to process, I wanted the dots to join and for it to work as one piece, each song being a window into something deeper," says Duncan. "Be it in the form of mental escapism or loss for example, admittedly it's not always clear what I'm channeling but it felt right to follow what has been bubbling under for a while." We're premiering "Planetarium" off the album, which sounds appropriately spacious with some lovely harmonies, soaring guitar and nice touches of pedal steel. Listen to that below.


Duncan Lloyd - Outside Notion tracklist:
Historic Elements
5 a.m. Eyes
Young Dreams
Outside Notion
Journey B
Til’ The Fear Breaks
Guess and Wonder
First Monday