In the time since San Jose slowcore trio Duster's initial underrated '90s/early 2000s run, they became a frequently namedropped influence on modern DIY/indie bands, and when they returned in 2019 with their first album in 19 years, it was not only a great comeback but a step forward for the band. At the end of March, they surprise-released its followup Together, and it picks right up where the 2019 LP left off, sounding unmistakably like Duster but continuing to push the band in new directions. Across these 13 songs, they stay true to the slowcore sound that they and other '90s bands helped define three decades ago, but never in a way that feels rehashed. And this album continues down the more overtly psychedelic path of its predecessor too. They're not quite as out there as what Low are doing right now, but like that band, Duster have figured out how to take the very '90s slowcore genre and make it feel futuristic.

It's been on constant rotation around here, and now physical versions are on the way. Pre-order the album now on "Cigarette Smoke Filled Vinyl" and cassette (other Duster albums also now back in the shop). Stream it below.

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