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Dysrhythmia at Union Pool (more by Justina Villanueva)

In the spirit of giving, Dysrhythmia will present a holiday gift to us all in the basement of The Charleston when they team up with The Austerity Program, Bad Girlfriend and DBCR on Dec 17th. It's $8 to get in and it kicks off at 8PM. Dysrhythmia have no other US dates on their calendar, they do have a full slate of European dates in June & July. Check those out below.

In a tidbit of related exciting news, The Austierity Program are heading towards the finish line with their new three-song EP:

When we start out recording stuff, it is a while before we hand anything off to anyone. We figure out the songs, practice them, fix them, demo them, fix them again.... Then it's time to buckle down and record the thing and it's still just the two of us, trading turns punching in and playing music. After that's all done, we spend late nights listening to the stuff, walking around through the day with it on headphones, sending messages back and forth about the mix. The whole thing ends with a few reels of tape and we're the ones who bring it to the Post Office, tape it up into boxes and pay to ship out.

So it's kind of odd when we finally hand it off to someone else. John Golden at [Golden Mastering] has these things sitting in his inbox right now. For the moment, it's someone else's work that will move it along. And we say odd, but it's the best kind of odd.

This thing is scheduled to be out in the Spring. We've got a renewed sense of excitement listening to the final product.

Can't wait to hear it. Full Dysrhythmia tour dates and some videos are below...

Dysrhythmia "Room Of Vertigo' at Now That's Class 10/31/09

Dysrhythmia - Live at the Drunken Unicorn 10/5/09

Dysrhythmia "Bypass the Solenoid" at Thee Parkside 10/19/09

Dysrhythmia "Triangular Stare" at Thee Parkside 10/19/09

Dec 17 2009 The Charleston w/ The Austerity Program, DBCR, Bad Girlfriend Brooklyn, New York
Jun 8 2010 K4 Nuernberg
Jun 10 2010 DB´s Utrecht
Jun 13 2010 Engine Room Brighton
Jun 14 2010 Criterion Leicester
Jun 15 2010 Trillians Newcastle
Jun 16 2010 Bannermans Bar Edinburgh
Jun 17 2010 Brudenell Social Club Leeds
Jun 19 2010 Cafe Oto London
Jun 20 2010 Mc Daid's Le Havre
Jun 26 2010 Channel Zero Ljubljana
Jun 27 2010 Duerer Kert Budapest
Jun 28 2010 Kavarna Slavonice
Jun 29 2010 Az Conni Dresden
Jun 30 2010 Zoro Leipzig
Jul 1 2010 Astra Stube Hamburg
Jul 2 2010 Lades Kaelder Copenhagen
Jul 3 2010 Schokoladen Berlin

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