You may remember that Earth Girl Helen Brown started as one of the many fictitious bands cooked up by Sonny Smith for his 2010 Highland Center for the Arts funded “100 Records Project," but then became more of a real thing, with Heidi Alexander (The Sandwitches, Fresh & Onlys) taking up the mantle for a series of EPs named after the planets, each one with its own theme and featuring lots of musical friends.

The latest of those EPs is Earth, which will be out May 21 on Empty Cellar Records. Helping out this time are John Dwyer (OSEES), Bjorn Copeland (Black Dice), Bart Davenport, Tim Cohen (Fresh & Onlys), Emmett Kelly, Eric Bauer, Lisa Boldyreva, Emilee Booher, Bradley Caulkins, Tahlia Harbour, James Finch Jr., Graeme Gibson, Enrique Tena Padilla, and Mikey Young (Total Control). The EP, which is out as a cassette and digitally, deals lyrically with our planet, its fragile state, and "the greediness of life."

For Earth Day, we've got the premiere of the title track, a danceable post-punk/no-wave style number with a killer breakbeat groove and gentle marimba and ethereal harmonies floating above. Give that a spin below.

You can preorder Earth on cassette, and all proceeds "benefit organizations committed to the preservation of biodiversity and to reduction of socioeconomic greed on EARTH."


EP tracklist
1. The Color Green
2. Feed Me
3. Pay To Play
4. Fountain Of Life
5. Earth

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