Eartheater will release new album Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin on October 2 via PAN. According to the press release, she made the record in Zaragoza, Spain at "a sprawling, cubic glass facility that looked out over wildflower-flecked mountains" and drew from "geological imagery, whose turbulence and potential for genesis mirror the trajectory of her own life and relationships." The album's new single, "How to Fight," reflects the crystalline location where she made the record, with airy layers of harmony wafting over delicate acoustic guitar.

The video, which Eartheater directed, definitely has the album's volcanic themes at heart, and also seems to be where the album's striking, fiery artwork comes from. Watch that below.


Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin tracklist:
01. Airborne Ashes
02. Metallic Taste of Patience
03. Below The Clavicle
04. Burning Feather
05. How To Fight
06. Kiss Of The Phoenix
07. Volcano
08. Fantasy Collision
09. Mercurial Nerve
10. Goodbye Diamond
11. Bringing Me Back
12. Diamond In The Bedrock
13. Faith Consuming Hope

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