East Coast Tsunami

Wu-Tang Clan and Life of Agony were already confirmed for the 2015 East Coast Tsunami Fest, happening 9/25-26 in Pennsylvania, and now the rest of the lineup is announced. It includes Mobb Deep, Body Count, Madball, Murphy's Law, Turnstile, Death Threat, Indecision, Angel Du$t, Cruel Hand, For the Love Of, and more. Tickets go on sale Friday (7/31).

"Doyle" aka Doyle from the Misfits' band is playing the fest with Life of Agony whose bassist Alan Roberts made Doyle a character in his Killogy comic book and upcoming animated series.

Full ECT lineup below...


East Coast Tsunami Fest -- 2015 Lineup
Life of Agony
Wu-Tang Clan
Body Count
Mobb Deep
Walls of Jericho
Murphys Law
Wisdmo In Chains
Crown of Thornz
Dog Eat Dog
Strength For Reason
Death Threat
Angel Du$t
Cruel Hand
For The Love Of
The Eddy Leeway Show
The Wilding Incident
Rude Awakening
Sicker Than Most
Gillie Da Kid
Dead On The Streets

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