Long before it was a widely accepted way of life, NYC's Angelica Kitchen was serving up vegan food. Sadly the restaurant, an East Village landmark since 1976, will be closing its doors for good soon. From Eater:

Owner Leslie McEachern cites the changing dynamic of the neighborhood and real estate as factors that contributed to her decision to close. “Making the numbers work week in and week out is just not viable for us anymore,” says McEachern.

The restaurant has been struggling for the past couple years, with McEachern reaching out for help back in 2014, when she asked people to step up their patronage to the restaurant. “Now more than ever, Angelica's is at risk of becoming a casualty of the business climate and real estate market that has led to the loss of so many other beloved NYC restaurants,” she wrote. She continued:

"The increasing number of vacancies and For Rent signs point to how the indie businesses are being turned out due to economic pressures and being replaced by gentrified corporate interests - more banks anyone? - which strip the heart and soul from our home base. We small commercial tenants are being exiled by the very success we produced, while landlords reap the rewards."

Angelica Kitchen's last day will be April 7. Even though there are plenty of vegan places in NYC these days, it's still a huge loss.

There wasn't live music at Angelica Kitchen that we know of, but there was never any lack of musicians on site. Staff members through the years included most or all of the band Friends, Devendra Banhart, and Zachary of DIIV. It was one of BV site founder Dave's favorite places to eat, and celebrities he's spotted eating there include Mike D of the Beastie Boys and Jon Joseph of Cro-Mags.

The East Village will not be the same without you, Angelica Kitchen.

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