Coney Island Baby, which took over the space formerly home to Hi-Fi and Brownies, closed last fall for a "quick reboot" and without much fanfare became Lola. There was some talk initially that they wanted a “night club vibe” with not much in the way of shows, but Lola's schedule is now fairly full of live music, and is being booked by Steven Matrick who used to book Pianos. Travis Bass is handling the nightlife/parties and the owners are still the same: Jesse Malin, Johnny T,Tom Baker, and Don DiLego.

As for the live music schedule, Lola is part of the New Colossus festival (Matrick is one of the founders), and includes: Peel Dream Magazine, Drew Citron (Beverly), Australia's Shady Nasty and more on March 11; Sweden's Summer Heart, Canadian bands Forever and Jackie, and more on March 12; Aussie acts Wolfjay and Tia Gostelow, UK band Vistas and Safer (former Rapture member Matty Safer) and more on March 13; and UK bands Wydlest, Hanya, Karkosa, The Gulps and New Luna on March 14.

Lola aso has a "Secret Guest Residency" in March and April that has good headliners: Palberta on the bill on 3/26, Pop 1280 on the bill on 4/2 and PC Worship on the bill on 4/9. Check out their full schedule here and poster of upcoming highlights is below.


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