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Eat Skull
Eat Skull

Portland, Oregon's Eat Skull have been making noise for less than two years now, but in that time have attracted a lot of attention. They've been lumped into the popular "lo-fi" or do I dare say, "shitgaze," genre, with the likes of Times New Viking, TVK and Pink Reason. Eat Skull incorporates elements of hardcore into their songs, making their poppy sound a little more rough. After releasing a number of 7"'s, all of which sold out almost instantly, Eat Skull finally put out their first full length, "Sick to Death," on Siltbreeze Records back in May. Like Panther, Meth Teeth and White Fangs, they're part of a new generation of bands making noise outside their hometown of Portland. MTV News invaded the city for a recent piece on the entire scene including The Thermals. That video is embedded below.

Psychedelic HorseshitEat Skull's Siltbreeze label-mates Psychedelic Horseshit, like Times New Viking, hail from Columbus, Ohio. Though also linked to the "lo-fi" sound, PH are a lot harder and more abrasive than most. The pop element is still there, just not as heavy. Psychedelic Horseshit sound like a band that is having fun. They don't care about being tied down to a specific genre and they like to play at a very high volume. Their live shows are always a good time and LOUD. Like Eat Skull and the town of Portland, Psychedelic Horseshit and the "lo-fi" sound were also the focus of an MTV News piece. That one was previously posted.

Eat Skull are on their first nationwide tour and will be in NYC this weekend. TONIGHT (9/19) they're at Dead Herring in Brooklyn with USAisamonster and Little Claw, Sunday they play DCTV (formerly the Tank) with Blank Dogs, and Monday (9/22) they're at Death By Audio. The latter two shows are also with Psychedelic Horseshit (...hey, isn't Brooklyn Yeasayer's turf?) who are then continuing on the road with Eat Skull down to Georgia. All Eat Skull and Psychedelic Horseshit tour dates, and video, below...

Eat Skull - 2008 Tour Dates
Sep 19 - dead herring w/ usaisamonster, little claw brooklyn, New York
Sep 20 - Danger Danger w/ little claw, psychedelic horseshit philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sep 21 - DCTV/The Tank w/ BLANK DOGS, LITTLE CLAW, P. HORSESHIT, intelligence manhattan, New York
Sep 22 - Death By Audio w/ Psychedelic Horseshit, Drunkdriver, Gold Dust brooklyn, New York
Sep 23 - Golden West Cafe w/ psychedelic horseshit baltimore, Maryland
Sep 24 - tba house party? w/ psychedelic horseshit chapel hill, North Carolina
Sep 25 - highland inn ballroom lounge w/ psychedelic horseshit Atlanta, Georgia
Sep 27 - gonerfest afternoon show 1-6pm memphis, Tennessee
Sep 28 - Replay Lounge w/ Bandit Teeth Lawrence, Kansas
Sep 29 - Rhinoceropolis Denver, Colorado
Sep 30 - Red Light Salt Lake City, Utah

Psychedelic Horseshit - 2008 Tour Dates
Sep 20 - VOX POPULI philly, Pennsylvania
Sep 21 - DCTV (the Tank) manhattan, New York
Sep 22 - Death By Audio brooklyn, New York
Sep 23 - golden west Cafe baltimore, Maryland
Sep 25 - Highland INN ballroom atlanta, Georgia
Sep 26 - ODESSA memphis, Tennessee
Sep 27 - Gonerfest (afternoon party) memphis, Tennessee
Sep 29 - Duck Island cleveland, Ohio
Sep 30 - valentine's Albany, New York
Oct 1 - POP montreal FEST Montreal, Ontario
Oct 2 - teranga Toronto, Ontario

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