by Nick Masi

Edan @ DbA on its final night (more by PSquared)

On November 22, 2014, the beloved Brooklyn venue, Death By Audio, hosted its final show. After APTBS stuck guitars in the ceiling, Lightning Bolt went ballistic and the final copies of VICE were shredded, Edan Wilber hopped in his van and left for Florida. The closing of the space left many with broken hearts and unanswered questions, but Wilber wasn’t sticking around for any of that. After booking the space and doing sound for years, he decided to escape to the comforts of the Sunshine State. He stayed within the live music scene and began to work at local venues, as well as tour with a few bands. But, the itch for a new space still haunts him.

Even though it has been almost two years since the last gig, the questions of DBA still lingered. How did it all go down? What were the final days like? Did they get screwed over? During a recent trip to NYC, Edan stopped by our BV Blog Radio Show on SiriusXMU and hung out for a few hours and that episode airs today (8/3) from noon - 2 PM EDT (with a repeat at midnight). Not only did he answer some of those questions and tell a few inside stories, but he also programed all of the music! It is a essentially a playlist of bands that he would be booking if DBA were still around. Edan also discussed a few upcoming DBA related releases: the documentary, Goodnight Brooklyn, the photo book, We’ve Come So Far: the Last Days of Death By Audio, and the live album, Start Your Own Fucking Show Space which is out Friday (8/5). The album captures the craziness that was the final month of shows on S. 2nd Street. 26 bands on 3xLPs! Also, printed on the inner sleeves of the album, is a list of all 1,800+ shows in the history of Death By Audio! Impressive record keeping. We premiered "Free Supper" from Protomartyr, recorded on DbA's penultimate night, and you can stream that now below. It's originally on the band's out-of-print debut album No Passion All Technique. You can also check out a few other tracks from the LP below and order yours.

The BV Blog Radio: DEATH BY AUDIO Special with Edan Wilber premieres today on SiriusXMU at Noon and Midnight (EDT), as well as being available OnDemand with the SiriusXM app.

UPDATE: Playlist from today's show is below.



BrooklynVegan on SiriusXMU Blog Radio (#RIPDBA Edition) 8/2/2016
Uranium Club - Black Semen
Urochromes - I Don't Wanna Be Like Me
Coneheads - I Used to Be A Cheesepuff
Lumpy & the Dumpers - Numbing Agent
Giorgio Murderer - Electronic Lighter
Black Panties - Piece of Shit
Scraper - Misery
Spray Paint - Burn Barrel
Goggs - Smoke the Wurm
Negative Scanner - Ambitious People
Patsy - Eat It
CCTV - Paranoia
Protomartyr - Free Supper (Live @ DBA: 11.21.14)
Puff Pieces - Women & Men With Guns
Wall - Fit the Part
Foster Body - Drawer
The Ar-Kaics - It's Not My World
Ty Segall & the Muggers - the Magazine
Savoy Motel - Souvenir Rock Shop
Natural Child - Now & Then
Danny & the Darleans - Don't Get In the Car
Damaged Bug - Cone
Piss Ghost - Body Police
Drug - Airlock Breach
Veiny Hands - Tonguing
Permanent Makeup - Weak In the Knees
Scully - Wave
Sheer Mag - Can't Stop Fighting
the Numerators - Wastoid

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