The late Eddie Van Halen would have turned 66 today (1/26), and in honor of his birthday, artist Robert Vargas will be unveiling his new mural of the legendary guitarist outside of the Guitar Center in Hollywood.

When he began painting the mural -- which is titled "Long Live The King" -- earlier this month, he said, "I am beyond excited to create this mural of one of my all-time creative heroes, Eddie Van Halen. This mural is truly for the fans and a celebration of my favorite rock band, Van Halen's legacy."

Vargas continued to post updates on Instagram throughout the process, as recently as last night, when he was "racing against the night to complete [the mural] in time for [Tuesday's] unveiling." Check out some of the most recent photos and videos below and stay tuned for today's official unveiling.

UPDATE: It's official! The mural was unveiled:


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