Back in 2014, Eddie Vedder and Zeke's Blind Marky Felchtone joined the Supersuckers on stage for a faithful cover of the Ramones' 1989 classic "I Believe In Miracles" (the same song Vedder and Zeke recorded for 2003's We're a Happy Family: A Tribute to Ramones), and now six years later, they've officially released the recording of that live cover as a single. “What a humbling experience for me on a personal level and what an amazing rock show for me on a professional level,” says Supersuckers' Eddie Spaghetti about the show. “This recording really reflects that. What a document of a historical moment this is! Eddie absolutely KILLED it and the band was on FIRE that night.”

Listen to that, watch the live video and listen to the Ramones' orginal, below.