Australian punk greats Eddy Current Suppression Ring went dark after 2010's terrific Rush to Relax, with Mikey Young off to start 23 other bands (Total Control among them) and a career as a very in-demand mastering engineer. A few singles were released this decade but, for the most part, nothing and if you've been wondering whether they'd ever make a record well, All in Good Time. That's the title of their new album which is out on Castle Face on December 13! They've released a single from the album -- the simmering "Our Quiet Whisper," which like its title, goes for the low-key approach rather than hitting you over the head. "Out quiet whisper has become a chant," sings Brendan Huntley, as a head full of steam bubbles just below the surface.

Details are hazy but let's hope they're back for real, and then maybe they'll tour? Stay tuned.

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