The Sparks Brothers, Edgar Wright's three-years-in-the-making documentary about avant-garde pop duo Sparks (Ron & Russell Mael), makes its world premiere today as part of the virtual edition of Sundance. The two online screenings are sold-out but Edgar has just shared a 2-minute "Official Clip" (pretty much a trailer) for the film which you can watch now.

The film features tons of rare and archival footage of Sparks' 50 years of weird, wonderful pop, extensive interviews with Ron and Russell, as well as chats with a whole bunch of collaborators and big fans, including Flea, Todd Rundgren, Mike Myers, Neil Gaiman, Tony Visconti, Jane Wiedlin, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman Palladino, Giorgio Moroder, Sex Pistols' guitarist Steve Jones, Weird Al Yankovic, Duran Duran, Jason Schwartzman, and more.

There's been no release date announced for The Sparks Brothers, but Edgar says it's "Coming your way soon!" Check out the "Official Clip" below.

We're got a review of The Sparks Brothers, as well as interviews with Ron, Russell and Edgar, so stay tuned for that.

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