Last fall, Wendy Eisenberg released their new solo album Auto on Ba Da Bing, which we compared to the mathy art rock of Deerhoof, Battles, and Maps & Atlases, and which Speedy Ortiz's Sadie Dupuis named one of her favorite albums of 2020, writing:

Another unusually gifted guitarist who plays in so many different kinds of projects and makes them all sound uniquely wonderful. I don’t have the galaxy brain jazz vocabulary to express exactly what Wendy’s doing on their instrument but watching them play is a revelatory display of shifting techniques that makes me question my belief in time. So, probably obvious that on Auto I love the guitars. But I also love Wendy’s plain spoken vocal delivery, the textural noise floors, the drums that feel like whispers, the strangeness and honesty.

One of Wendy's other projects that Sadie speaks of is Editrix, who are releasing their debut album Tell Me I'm Bad on February 5 via Exploding In Sound (pre-order). Editrix share a knack for fidgety rhythms and off-kilter melodies with Wendy's solo career, but they're a little harder and rougher around the edges, in sort of a '90s Dischord way. You can get a feel for their sound on recent single "Chelsea," as well as on the new title track, which premieres in this post.

"Tell Me I'm Bad' is about expressing interest in someone, even flirting with someone, and wanting so badly to hear what they think about you that you might not even believe it when you hear it," Wendy tells us. It comes with a video featuring quarantine-era, mask-wearing performance footage and grainy art film clips, and you can check that out below.


01. Tell Me I'm Bad
02. Torture
03. Sinner
04. Bad Breath
05. The Sound
06. Instant
07. Chelsea
08. Anna K
09. She Wants To Go And Party
10. The History Of Dance
11. Chillwave
12. Taste

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