Both Killer Mike and El-P have been outspoken supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement and outspoken critics of the unjust system that causes there to be a need for these types of movements in the first place, and the Run The Jewels partners further discussed everything going on in the world right now in a new interview with The Guardian. Here's an except:

“They’re going to preach separation, they’re going to preach fear, conservatism v liberalism – they’re going to keep stoking those fires. So, we have some action to do now. Giving a shit is the first phase: now let’s progress it," [said Killer Mike].

Meanwhile, El-P, real name Jaime Meline, is optimistic that this could be time of real change – and that the status quo may be tilting. “I want the oppressors, the enemy, to know that they haven’t created complete hopelessness yet,” he says. “I want motherfuckers to know that there are people from every cultural line that are ultimately not going to accept this.

“I don’t want them to think they are off the hook. I look at these riots and I see white people, black people, Asians, women and men – and I know this shit is coming to a head. It’s getting to the point where your whole system of racism does not apply any more to the spiritual and mental mindset of the new generation.

“We have outgrown you, despite your best efforts to keep us in the same place. You are in power, but you are outmoded. You’re the old form of human. And the new form is coming for your neck.”

El-P also discussed the way politicians have treated coronavirus ("It’s unbelievably depressing. I’ve never thought in my life that I would see someone politicise a virus. But I should have known, because I saw Aids ravage the gay community and my friends, my parents, lost dozens and dozens of good friends"), and Mike commented on the spirit of the upcoming Run the Jewels 4 album which comes out this Friday, June 5 ("With this record, you know how life pushes you on your hands the first time, you sit there for a minute like, ‘Goddamn, what the fuck?’ You’re fearful of living? Then you get up and you run. You run towards the anger and the danger and the wild frenetic good times that is hip-hop").

Mike also appeared on Colbert last night and commented on the emotional speech that he gave at an Atlanta press conference this past Friday. "T.I. got a call from the mayor’s assistant, saying that the staged protest, which we support, was turning into a riotous atmosphere, and she wanted him to say something to help quell any oncoming violence that she didn’t want to see happen," Mike said. "All I said was what was in my heart."

Watch the Colbert interview:


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