As you probably know if you've been on social media at all these past few days, everyone's playing Pokemon GO, the mobile app game where you walk around IRL to control your character. El-P was aware of the game, and was (just one of the people who were) worried about its potential dangers:

He apparently was then hit with loads of negative feedback from Pokemon fans:

After several more tweets, he backtracked and decided to show his support for Pokemon:

And then he released a song, "Pokemon Rappin":

He also started a remix competition, and apparently a lot of people took him up on it:

If you're not caught up on El-P's Pokemon twitter rant, you can read plenty more here.

In related news, El-P's Run The Jewels partner Killer Mike gave an interview with HipHopWired in June where he said he'd like to have RTJ3 done by July 7 (this past Thursday). He also said it will be a "darker, harder" album, which are two words we already associated with Run the Jewels, so it should be exciting to see how this turns out.