El-P has scored new Al Capone biopic, Capone, which stars Tom Hardy and is out now to rent digitally. The film was directed by Josh Trank, who made 2012's Chronicle and the 2015 Fantastic Four film (EL-P scored the end-credits of that), and takes place during the final days of the notorious Chicago gangsters life when he suffered from syphilitic dementia. You can watch the trailer below.

The score is out May 29 but EL-P has shared two pieces of the score and talked to Rolling Stone about working on it. One piece is titled "Mama's Hurt," which he says "is from one of my favorite scenes in the film" and describes it as "one of the most surreal and ultimately sinister-sounding pieces" of his score; the other is the end-credits theme, which he says "contains elements from all of the major musical themes we created for the film woven into one more traditional instrumental form." You can listen to both of those, via RS, below.

The Capone Score tracklist is below.


Capone (Original Motion Picture Score) tracklist

1. Italy Theme
2. Something in the Hall
3. By Car and By Boat
4. Intruders
5. We Don’t Use That Name Around Here
6. Walking into a Dream
7. Give It Up for Al
8. Mama’s Hurt
9. Still a Family…Assassin!
10. You’re a Good Man, Al
11. Al Hell Breaks Loose
12. Back From Hell
13. This Is Al That’s Left

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